Watershed management

If we talk about watershed for a small stream, then it would be around a few hectares only. But if we talk about a large river, the water shade for it would be around many square kilometers. So as to properly execute the plan, the size of a watershed area should be almost around 1000 to 2500 hectares. If the area is within 1000 to 2500 hectares, then it would be easy to prepare a well balanced plan and it would be prepared in almost about 2 to 3 years. Amay Environmental Consultancies deals with the planning and implementation of watershed. The main purposes that the watershed management prepared by us are as follows:

  • Watershed management is prepared to put a halt on land degradation and holistic processes that are carried out for getting maximum output out of the land
  • With the help of watershed Management, proper and rational utilization of the land and water resources obtained
  • Watershed management system helps in causing minimum hazard to the natural resources
  • Just with proper judgment and observation, the rainwater can be made to move down the slope which can ensure optimum infiltration and that can easily solve the issue of soil erosion in the areas where water is scarcely available
  • Impact of the rain on soil can be reduced by checking its speed at regular intervals of time and also to divert the excess pressure
  • One of the procedures can also be adopted like the highest point of the watershed and the lowest point of the watershed can be contoured

The steps that are followed by Amay Environmental Consultancies for carrying out the process of watershed management are as follows:

  • Firstly, the base maps are prepared so as to carry out the surveys.
  • The reconnaissance survey is conducted of the watershed for the overall development.
  • Rainfall characteristics are properly assessed.
  • Soil maps are prepared and the classification is done according to its capability like agriculture, irrigation, forestry, horticulture, animal husbandry and more.
  • Inventory of existing clients and farm sizes are prepared.
  • Topographic and hydrologic services are being carried out for the engineering purposes.
  • Hydro geological surveys are being conducted so as to locate the suitable area for groundwater development.
  • Time bound plan is being formulated for the various tasks such as groundwater recharge, land moisture conservation, agriculture production, horticulture and more.
  • The priorities are assigned for the proper implementation of the project.
  • The total costs and benefits are assessed according to the project.

Amay Environmental Consultancies follows each and every step properly so as to ensure the watershed management system takes place effectively.

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