Roof top water Harvesting

Rooftop water harvesting is a technology that is used to collect and Store rainwater for the later use. The water is usually stored in a tank or is directed to recharge the groundwater. This technology has been now practiced for over 4000 years and has helped in providing people with drinking water, domestic water and water for small irrigation purposes and for livestock. If we talk about today, then this rooftop method has gained much significance as a water saving and modern technology. We, Amay Environmental Consultancies, follow and encourage people to use this approach so as to deal with the present scenario of water scarcity in all the aspects.

Rooftop water harvesting can be easily installed in both the new buildings and existing buildings and the harvested water can be used for a number of different applications like Garden watering, irrigation, laundry washing, and toilet flushing and cleaning.

There are several factors that are considered while selecting rooftop water harvesting system and the factors that we consider are as follows:

  • The type and the size of the catchment area
  • Weather patterns
  • Time period of the drought in the area
  • Alternative water sources
  • Cost of the rooftop water harvesting system
  • Water holding capacity of the soil
  • Hydrogeology of the field
  • Water requirement of the crop and its characteristics
  • Soil infiltration rate and fertility of the soil

The reasons why you should definitely involve in rooftop water harvesting method is clearly defined by the Amay Environmental Consultancies are as follows:

  • Rooftop water is clean and free source of water
  • It provides a source of water at the point where it is needed the most
  • No doubt, it is environmentally acceptable by each and everyone
  • It conserves a number of water resources
  • Rooftop water can be used for plants and gardens
  • It reduces storm water runoff
  • It uses flexible and simple methods so as to maintain
  • It offers cost saving methods as the water costs is rising
  • It offers low running cost
  • It provides water even for the human consumption purposes but it should have undergone proper treatment

The associated costs of rooftop water harvesting system are just for the installation, operation and maintenance. Out of the total cost of the installation purpose coma the storage tank is the largest investment for an individual as it can vary between 40 to 45% of the total cost of the installation of the system. Other major cost of the investment can be related to the pump, pressure Controller System and the other fittings.

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