Remote Sensing and GIS mapping

What is remote sensing and what is it used for?

Remote sensing is the art and science of making measurements of the earth using sensors. Remote sensing process is used to detect & monitor the physical characteristics of an area. In this process, researchers measures the reflected and emitted radiation at a distance. They use special cameras for the whole process, so that they can sense things about the earth. Normally, researchers adopt remote sensing from the satellite or aircraft to detect & monitor the physical characteristics of an area.

Some examples of Remote Sensing includes –

  • Cameras take images of large areas on the Earth’s surface from satellites and airplanes
  • Sonar systems on ships also are capable to create images of the ocean floor.
  • Temperature changes in the oceans is also monitored through cameras on satellites.

Some specific uses of remotely sensed images of the Earth include:

  • Large forest fires can be mapped from space, allowing rangers to see a much larger area than from the ground.
  • Tracking clouds to help predict the weather or watching erupting volcanoes, and help watching for dust storms.
  • Tracking the growth of a city and changes in farmland or forests over several years or decades.
  • Discovery and mapping of the rugged topography of the ocean floor (e.g., huge mountain ranges, deep canyons, and the “magnetic striping” on the ocean floor).

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping

A GIS allows you to quickly and easily answer questions about your data that is related to a location. GIS allows you to link databases and maps to create dynamic displays. Through GIS, the data about a location is produced in the form of Mapping. A GIS captures, store, manipulates, analyze, manages, and presents all types of geographical data. GIS is used as an important tool in problem solving, decision making processes, & for visualization of data in a spatial environment.

Map Types –

  • The Category Map
  • The Quantity Map
  • Bubble Map
  • Heat Map
  • Cluster Map

A geographic information system (GIS) is a powerful framework for researchers for collecting, managing and analyzing data. Amay Environmental Consultancies is a team of researchers, engineers and professionals who can help you in remote sensing, GIS mapping and much more. We are an established consultancy based in Bhopal, India. We have done so many projects of GIS mapping, remote sensing for many organizations, governments and companies all over the India.

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