Hydro-geological and Hydro geophysical Investigation

The word, hydrogeology is used to define the study of groundwater. It basically deals with the origin of groundwater, the geological conditions under which the groundwater exists, how the ground water moves, how the groundwater is distributed, what are the types of groundwater reservoirs, regime of the groundwater, charging and discharging of the groundwater, contamination of groundwater and the protection of groundwater.

We, Amay Environmental Consultancies, have dealt for a number of years with hydro geological investigations in different kinds of purposes like:

  • Supply of water in the settlements
  • Exploitation of the groundwater for bottling purposes
  • Exploitation of the groundwater for or the purposes of irrigation and industries
  • Exploitation of the groundwater for the thermal pumps
  • Hydro geological investigation in the catchment areas for the energetic purposes
  • The investigation carried out for the design of hydro power plants
  • The investigation being carried out for the design of ground water reservoirs
  • The Hydro geological investigation for the irrigation purposes
  • The investigation being carried out for the determination of the zones of sanitary protection

The word, hydro geophysical is used for the study of the surface of the grounds in the wells or in the places where water is present. The hydro geophysical investigation methods and techniques usually depend upon the exploration of the objects, availability of the resources, the geological and topographical conditions. If we talk about today, then there are a large number of hydra geophysical methods that are being into use but amongst them, geo-electrical tomography and the seismic refraction method are most commonly used. We, at Amay Environmental Consultancies, make use of the two most preferred methods and techniques so as to carry out the investigation in a proper and effective manner.

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