Geotechnical Investigation

Geotechnical engineers or engineering geologists use Geotechnical investigations to find out the physical properties of soil earthworks and foundations. Whether you want to build a multiplex, a shopping mall, a warehouse, your own dream house or an industrial building, Geotechnical investigations play a crucial role. This type of investigation is called a site investigation and must be carried out carefully before any structure is built. Geotechnical investigations are also applied in solar thermal storage facilities soils, oil and gas pipelines, radioactive waste disposals to measure the thermal resistivity.

For getting recommendations and design criteria for construction, many companies, organizations require Geotechnical investigations. We, Amay Environmental Consultancies is a team of Geotechnical investigators that has more than 15 years of experience. If you need Geotechnical investigations, our team of Geotechnical engineers are ready to serve you with the international standards.

Types of Soil Tests available for Building Construction –

  • Moisture content test.
  • Atterberg limits tests.
  • Dry density of soil.
  • Compaction test
  • Specific gravity of soil.

Why geotechnical testing used for in a construction?

Through geotechnical testing, an engineer ensures that is going to determine the physical and chemical properties of earth materials, subsurface conditions in the right way.

Why is geotechnical testing performed?

Geotechnical testing is best way to get critical information about the physical properties of the rock and soil around a construction site. Geotechnical testing/ investigation is performed by geotechnical engineers to examine the physical properties that exist underneath a work site.

Why technical specifications of a geotechnical investigation is Done?

  1. Geotechnical engineers want to ensure that the investigation is carried out smoothly and follows the deadline well.
  2. To minimize a project cost
  3. To ensure the samples collected are correct (Samples regarding the soil/rock)
  4. To avoid any dispute between the owner and contractor

4 Types of geotechnical testing

  • Test Pits
  • Trenching
  • Boring
  • In Situ Testing

There is a need to understand the different types of testing methods to significantly reduce uncertainties in constructions.

Amay Environmental Consultancies Is a team of experts, civil engineers & geotechnical testing engineers that has already investigated hundreds of sites to analyze the physical properties around and into a construction area. We, as an expert recommend you to hire a company that can carry out Geotechnical investigations in the right manner. We offer a high-quality ground investigation and consultancy services under one roof. Also, our investigations are carried out on a low-cost, fixed fee basis.

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