In response to the decline in ground water levels, the central government has implemented a new regulation requiring industries, infrastructure projects, and mining operations to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) before extracting ground water. Failure to comply with this regulation by using ground water without prior approval from the Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) before March 31, 2019 may result in penalties. The CGWA was established under sub-section (3) of Section 3 of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 to oversee and manage the development and usage of ground water resources across the country.

Amay Environmental Consultancies (NABET Accredited Consultant -NABET/GWCO/IA/GW014) provide services to submit the applications for NOC online through the NOCAP portal of CGWA. It is to mention that to submit the applications for NOC online through the NOCAP portal of CGWA different reports are required to be prepared through an institute accredited by NABET & Central Ground Water Authority. These reports include groundwater Impact Assessment Reports based on groundwater extraction, reports of Ground Water Modelling Studies, Preparation of Comprehensive Hydrogeological reports, etc. for Industries / Infrastructure / Mining industries as per the guidelines of the Central Ground Water Authority & State Authorities.

Amay Environmental Consultancies an Accredited Consultant from NABET to prepare report of Hydrogeological and Impact Assessment for Industry, Infrastructure & Mining. We have been working in this field from last 7+ years and successfully submitted various applications to CGWA and Obtained NOC from CGWA for our valuable clients.

We have done 20 + CGWA NOC work. 

As per CGWA Public Notice dated (20/12/2021), The Amay Environmental Consultancies also has Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the following accredited Individual Consultant; 

Sr. No.  Name of Individual Consultant  Accredited Categories of CGWA 
1  Mr. D. Venkateswaran  Impact Assessment without Modelling  Impact Assessment Report with Modelling  Comprehensive Hydro-geological Report for Mining Projects  


PROCEDURE  What you get by NOC Application through AMAY. 
Stage 1: Collection Of the required documents 

Stage 2: Drafting of the application 

Stage 3: Online application of the form on official CGWA website. 

Stage 4: Submission of signed hard copy of all required documents to Regional Director 

Stage 5: Issuance of NOC to abstract ground water. 

  • Collection of all the supporting documents 
  • Water quality report 
  • Application Drafting and online submission to CGWA 
  • Follow ups with CGWA 
  • Reply to queries raised by CGWA 
  • Final NOC from CGWA to abstract ground water. 


Whereas the Authority has issued ‘Guidelines to control and regulate ground water extraction in India’ vide notification number 3289(E) dated 24th September, 2020.

And whereas the Authority has issued Public Notices dated 26.10.2020, 08.01.2021 and 27.01.2021 wherein the concerned project proponents were informed to mandatorily submit Impact Assessment Report/ comprehensive Hydro-geological Report/ Water Audit Report by a specified date and the late submission of Impact Assessment Report/ comprehensive Hydrogeological Report were subjected to the payment of Environmental Compensation as per CGWA Guidelines, calculated from 01.01.2021 till the date of submission of the report.

And whereas the Authority has issued Public Notice dated 17.06.2021, providing last date as 31.03.2022 for submission of Impact Assessment Reports by industries, Comprehensive Hydrogeological reports by Mining Projects and installation of tamper-proof Digital Water Flow Meters with or without telemetry and for an exemption of Environmental Compensation by the existing users who failed to submit application for NOC till 30.06.2020.


  1. For the submission of Impact Assessment Reports by industries, Comprehensive Hydrogeological reports by Mining Projects and Water Audit Reports, the date is hereby extended up to 30.06.2022. No Environmental Compensation shall be imposed on such users if the said report is submitted in the prescribed time. The Environmental Compensation already paid by the project proponents shall be adjusted in the Abstraction/restoration Charges of the unit for subsequent years.
  1. All the project proponents/users who have obtained NOC for drawing ground water shall be required to mandatorily install Piezometer and tamper-proof Digital Water Flow Meter with / without Telemetry System as per CGWA Guidelines by 30.06.2022 or as specified in NOC, whichever is later.
  1. Registration of Ground Water Users – All the existing ground water users are hereby given one-time opportunity to register their ground water withdrawal by paying registration fee of Rs/- 10,000 which will be adjusted at the time of submission of the complete Application. Such registered users shall be exempted from payment of Environmental Compensation, if they submit complete application before 30.09.2022, failing which Environmental Compensation shall be levied as per CGWA Guidelines. All other conditions shall remain unchanged.


Public Notice

  1. Public notice for all getting NOC from all project proponent
  2. Public notice for imposing EC and late submission fees for all Infrastructure, Industry & Mining
  3. Notification from Gazette of India – Guidelines to regulate and control ground water extraction in India
  4. Standard Operating Procedure for Implementation of MOJS Guidelines and Amendments Thereof

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