Artificial recharge and Conservation Measures

Artificial recharge is the procedure by which groundwater is augmented at a rate which is much higher than that under the natural condition of percolation. In most parts of the country, the rainfall is much lower and there for the availability of surface water is much lower than we have ever thought. People living over there have to depend upon the ground water for agriculture and domestic purposes. Thus, in order to improve the situation of groundwater, it is vital to artificially recharge the depleted groundwater.

Firstly, identification of the areas for artificial recharge is conducted and thereupon proper method or technique is chosen. We, at Amay Environmental Consultancies, conduct identification in a proper and systematic manner and the manner in which we carry on the identification process is as follows:

  • The areas where groundwater levels are declining at an increasing rate due to over exploitation
  • The areas where a substantial part of the aquifer has been de-saturated that means, where hand pumps and wells aren’t working properly or has been slowed down after some water has been drawn out
  • The areas where the availability of water from Wells and hand pump have become inadequate during the summer months
  • In the areas where the quality of groundwater is poor and we can’t find alternative sources of water

Artificial recharge serves with a number of advantages and the most important out of them are as follows:

  • It enhances the yield of groundwater which gets depleted in the amplifier due to increasing urbanization
  • It helps in the storage and conservation of excess of surface water for usage in the future
  • It improves the quality of existing groundwater through dilution process
  • It removes the bacteriological and other impurities from sewage by the process of natural filtration and that helps the water to become suitable for reuse
  • The reasons why we, Amay Environmental Consultancies, follow the artificial recharge process is to address the following issues:
  • It helps in improving the quality of existing ground water through the process of dilution
  • It enhances the sustainability in the areas where development has depleted the aquifer
  • It removes impurities from sewage and waste water so that it becomes fit for reuse
  • The basic purpose that artificial recharge serve that it restores the supplies from aquifers that could have been depleted due to the excessive development of the groundwater.
  • Artificial recharge helps in the reduction of runoff, increase in the availability of the groundwater, increase in the irrigation practices, and increase in the revival of the springs and in improvement of the groundwater quality.

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