The Badjhiri – Tilakhedi Mili Watershed is a part of Kolans River Watershed that has an area of about 2685 Hectares and includes total 8 villages namely Badjhiri, Khurchani, Jagariya Khurd, Mundala, Dehariya Khurd, Kalyanpur, Narela, Tilakhedi. Hydro-geophysical investigation has been carried out for groundwater management to evaluate the recharge potential and GIS work plan is prepared for the evaluation of development plan of water resources. The highest elevation is 551.6 m amsl and lowest elevation at 510.8 m amsl. The Drainage of the area is dendritic and flowing in the North West direction. The slope of the area is ranging between 0-6 to 60 indicating flat to undulating terrain. The normal annual rainfall is 1123.1 mm. Geophysical investigations reveals that the Soil Resistivity ranges from 1.9 to 22.9 ohms and having thickness range of 0.4 to 10 m. The resistivity of Second layer (Weathered vesicular basalt) ranges from 26 to 82 ohms and having thickness range of 0.3 to 33.4 m. The resistivity of third layer (Massive Basalt) ranges from 88 to 1404 ohms which indicate infinite thickness. The Basaltic interflow contact form a thickness of 4 m and ranges in the range of 551 to 510 m amsl. 3 interflow contacts have been identified with a thickness range of 16 to 11 m. The water level in the pre and post monsoon season during the period 2016 and 2017 indicates that in the month of June predominantly dry condition and has deeper water level having the depth range of 55-60 m bgl. In the post monsoon the depth to water level in proposed area is in the range of 4-14 m. Bore wells in the area in the month of June shows predominantly dry condition with deeper water level range of 55-60 m bgl. 20 lineaments visually identified in the satellite data having the length ranging from 0.89 to 2.58 km and trending in NE-SW and NW –SE direction. In the ground water management and intervention plan 119 Recharge and Water conservation structures are proposed at feasible locations. The proposed recharge scheme for implementation comprises structure of: Percolation tank, Recharge shaft, Step Recharge trench, Dug well recharge, NB/ CD/ CP, Subsurface dyke and Ponds Renovation. Total Water demand of proposed mili-watershed is about 4.6 MCM and 11.3 MCM water is available for artificial recharge. Drinking and irrigation problem is completely solved in Badjhiri – Mundla Mili Watershed Area as per the impact assessment analysis of Deloitte India.

Mr. Shailendra Sonekar, Mr. Kapil Parmar, Ms. Rashmi Namdeo