“Conserving the environment and contribute a Sustainability in Ground water availability and water security making this planet a better place to live.”

AMAY the name derived from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘PURE WATER’.

Amay Environmental Consultancies is a Parish of experts from Diversified Field in Groundwater, Geophysics, Mining, Remote sensing & GIS. Aquifer mapping and Groundwater Intervention management making it an interdisciplinary team comprising of technocrats, Geo scientists, hydro-geologists, Mining Geologist, Civil Engineering acting for a common goal.


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Why Groundwater recharge and conservation measure?

Overdraft groundwater resources, water declining, shrinking and sometime contaminated. The demand and supply of ground…

What We Do?

The assessment of ground water issue/problem and scarcity. We provide design to solution in water scarcity…

Why Us?

We have develop PRS model the innovative functional approach of ground water intervention management with aquifer disposition “Aquifer mapping” along structurally control groundwater regime.


We are the leaders in water recharge services. Our team has over 7+ years of experience and does many projects yearly. We will analyze your project and give you a detailed proposal to fit any budget.

Water is a necessity, and we are passionate about bringing solutions to every application. We take pride in every project that we work on and strive to ensure client success through quality products, expert engineering and superior service.

What We Do?