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Geology & Mining

Geology is a science that deals with the history of the earth and its life especially as recorded in rocks. Amay Environment Consultancy is top rated & most trusted geology & mining service provider in India. We have served many companies & industries for geology & mining. Our consultancy is best & we are known for offering detailed geological study of lands. Our experience in the mining industry is superb and we have a team of experienced professional that has worked in so many mining projects.


Key Functions of Geology and Mining


  • Detailed geological-technicality study of any proposed construction site and clarification of the project according to site suitability.
  • Providing the geological/mineral information.
  • Unit Geotechnical Studies and works for development and management of mineral resources, which are essential for the economic development.
  • Processing of Mineral Concession Applications, monitoring of royalty, periodical revision of minor mineral royalties, and the related legal aspects are also looked after.
  • The Unit also grants permissions for Stone Crusher/Screening Plant/Pulverising Plants etc.
  • Application & Registration Process (Lease & Application Form)
  • To prevent illicit quarrying and clandestine removal of mineral resources.
  • Stock Registration of Minor Minerals
  • Mineral Administration
  • To grant mining lease, quarry lease, quarry permit and the area to be given by auction
  • To monitor the lease and prevention of illegal mining activities
  • Quarry Lease of sand by auction.
  • Quarry lease another minor minerals.
  • Quarry permit of minor minerals for contract base work.
  • Mining And Transportation Monitoring
  • Revenue Income Report


 Objectives of Geology and Mining

  • Maintaining and collecting mineral based data and providing mineral map to entrepreneurs and for mineral exploration and subsequent eco-friendly exploitation of the mineral resources.
  • To encourage the employment opportunities in remote mineral bearing areas through mining and geological activities.
  • To ensure geo-environmental protection and assisting Nature in maintaining the ecological balance during and after mining operations.
  • Promoting foreign and local capital investment in mineral development sector.
  • To persuade the competition in mineral industry through optimum use of mineral potential.
  • To incorporate Mineral Administration including grant of mineral concessions, collection of mineral revenue, ensuring systematic and eco- friendly mining, mineral conservation and to minimize the environment damage and ecology of the area.
  • Providing technical assistance and information for scientific development of minerals.
  • Providing supplementary infrastructure facilities.
  • To ensure safety and welfare of the people engaged in mining industry.

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